Caring for the soul

Coping with the tensions encountered during the pandemic can be difficult. Find a variety of resources here

No Screen Required Boredom Busters

Rock On! Using acrylic paint or permanent markers, decorate rocks (after they have been washed) and put them along the path on your next walk! 
Hearts on Windows
Create and display hearts for others to see! Check out the CBC news article HERE
Do you have sidewalk chalk?  What messages could you write for others on the sidewalk in front of your home or on your walk way to your door?
What keeps the children in your life happy and occupied?  Please let us know here and we will add your ideas on this page!  Thank you.  
Homemade Musical Instruments from everyday ordinary items.  Perhaps you could create songs to share with folks later. Try these
Remember PenPals?  Is there someone you could draw a picture or write a letter and then later, have someone scan it and send it to someone else via email?