Comox United Church offers several ways to give to the church.   

We pass a collection plate at our weekly services - some folks prefer to give via the plate.

Others obtain giving envelopes from the office or the envelope secretary - these envelopes are placed in the collection plate and provide a means by which the envelope secretary can issue end-of-the-year tax receipts for your giving.   

Many in our congregation give to the church via Pre-Authorized Remittance (PAR) - wherein their giving goes automatically to Comox United Church from their bank account.   PAR allows us to set our monthly giving for the year and not worry about getting the envelope into the collection plate on Sunday, not worry if we are away for 2 weeks, and to balance our giving for teh whole year.   Summer is often a time when folks are away and givings go down - unfortunately the operational costs of our church don't diminish over the summer!!   Forms for PAR are available from the church office or from the United Church of Canada National Website (Click to go directly to the form for download ).   For more information on PAR Click Here - please note that Comox United Church gives 10% of all givings to our church to the National Church's Mission and Service program.

In Memory Of:  Often when a loved one, friend, relative, or other important person in your life passes away, you may wish to remember them in some tangible way.   You may, if you choose, make a gift to Comox United in memory of that person.    Please contact our office for information on how to direct your memorial gift.

Another way to give is by way of bequest in one's will.   One can designate money to specific areas of the work of Comox United Church, to capital improvements, or to a legacy that will be determined by the Church Council.    Legacy monies are treated very carefully by Comox United, with the primary focus being on the wishes of the donor.    Financial planners, lawyers drafting wills, and church officials are sources of information on how to do this in a planned, focussed, and tax-benefit way.    Why leave money to Comox United?    Several donors have - and each for their own reasons. The common thread has been a strong belief in the work of Comox United, the community it supports, and the programs that are enhanced by our church.   Our ministerial team and council executive can be of assistance if you have questions or need more information.