Comox United Church, on Beach Avenue in Comox, BC, is part of the Pacific Mountain Region of the United Church of Canada.  

Our Mission Statement:

Comox United Church is an Affirming Ministry: centred in God, followers of Jesus Christ, and called to radical love.

Worship Services

Weekly worship services are available online. Please scroll up and click on "Virtual Sunday Services" to see past services; scroll down to see the most recent online service.

Prayer for Prayer Sunday

 God of all, Source of Love and ground of our being, we come before you today as individuals in our homes yet all of us connected together as a family in your love. We are grateful that you are such a constant presence in our lives and in our world. Help us to understand deep within us that we can connect with you anywhere and any time, there are no rules, there is no right or wrong way to pray. There is simply opening our hearts to your divine presence.

We give thanks for people and places who help us to be more aware of your presence, who help us to draw closer to you. We are grateful as well for those who are helping to make our journey through this pandemic a little smoother, from leaders like Dr. Bonnie Henry and Premier Horgan to health care workers to retail staff to friends and neighbours reaching out to stay connected.

We pray for all people who are struggling with the pandemic: those who are ill or whose family members are ill, those whose work has been lost or changed, those who are stressed by the various changes Covid has brought to our lives and our world – the list goes on.

We pray for the new awareness of racism in our country and in our world over the past few months and we pray that this awareness will continue to grow. May we be a part of keeping it going.

We pray for people who are dealing with illness, whether it be physical or mental, those who are accompanying loved ones through times of illness. May they have a sense of your presence with them, giving them comfort and strength.  

In this time of worldwide struggle and uncertainty, we pray for leaders in our community, our province, our country and our world.

We pray for Muslims who gather for their most holy pilgrimage, the Haj, in Mecca this week, such a different pilgrimage than usual in these Covid times. May they be safe, may it be a holy time for all who are there.

                                                                                  Rev. Keltie