The mandate for this committee is to ensure that Faith Exploration programs take place that are engaging and meet varying needs for faith formation for all ages in the congregation. 

Weekly Adult Bible studies are taking place every other Monday morning. For more information, please contact the church office by phone at 250-339-3996 or by email at

A Library of excellent reading material is provided in the church hall.

Subscriptions for Broadview magazine are available by contacting the church office. To learn more about this magazine go to

To learn more about faith formation within the United Church of Canada go to:

The United Church of Canada has created a number of statements of faith over the years to address changing contexts. The most recent document, A Song of Faith, was created in 2006. All of these documents can be viewed at

For more information about the Congregational Education Ministry, contact Peggy Zimmerman by calling the church office at 250-339-3966.