Pastoral Care

"Like good stewards of the manifold grace of God, serve one another with whatever gift each of you has received" 1 Pet 4:10

Our Pastoral Care ministry responds to the call to serve those in need in our congregation.  Our purpose is to make way for the divine Spirit to move in, through and among us by reaching out with compassion and love.   Our activities include - 

Visiting:   One to two hour visits to give quality time to individuals who are home-bound, hospitalized, or dealing with other personal challenges.

Seasonal visits:  Special visits around Christmas and Easter to present a small gift with a card made by our youth.

Check-ins:   Periodic phone calls to reconnect with people, to get updates and to assess the need for assistance.

Small group ministry and Glacier View Lodge worship:   Monthly informal worship programs and sharing time held at residential care facilities.

Cards:   Personalized cards sent to individuals, couples and families observing special life events or facing challenges.

Prayer Chain:   Prayers offered regularly as requested by individuals.

Healing Touch:   Sponsorship of the Hospice and St. Joseph Hospital healing touch sessions at our church.

Special Events:   Present or host congregational events that address pastoral concerns such as advance care planning and dealing with dementia.