Welcome!  During these Covid times, the church building is closed a lot of the time; however, we are back to in-person worship, and our worship service is also livestreamed and recorded every week and posted on the front page of this website. If you'd like to take a look at past services, click on Virtual Services. . Stay tuned for updates:  more and more activities are opening to in-person attendance  - check them out by clicking on Events


The  information below will be updated as we reopen more and more of our activities.


Welcome.   We hope that you will join us in worship and fellowship afterwards.   On Sunday mornings, our worship service starts at 10:00 am.   If you are new, please make yourself known to our greeters who will be pleased to assist you and provide you with information.

We strive to be a welcoming community and to make newcomers feel welcomed into our congregation.    At the beginning of each service, we welcome visitors and newcomers and provide an opportunity for them to introduce themselves or be introduced by someone who brought them.  This is NOT mandatory - please feel free to come in, sit down, and be part of the family without a lot of attention if you so choose.

We are a family church and welcome children into our services. We also have "The Ark", a side-room for parents and children if parents wish to be away from the main congregation but still see and hear what is going on.   However, we welcome children into our midst and aren't upset by a little noise or movement from them.   At the right front area of the church we have an activity table with paper, colouring and drawing tools for children - and encourage families to make use of them.

Our Ministry Team will be happy to talk with you after the service, as will members of the congregation during the social time in the fellowship hall.   During coffee and tea - time, we offer green mugs for guests - this is a way to let the other members of the congregation know that you are new or visiting and will provide you with a further way of being welcomed.

What if I've never been to Comox United before?

Our services are simple and straightforward and follow an outline on a printed order of service which will be handed to you by a greeter as you enter, and the order of service will be displayed on the front of the church via powerpoint.   The order of service outlines the structure of the service and includes a listing of hymns being sung, scripture being used, and announcements.    There is nothing special to know, and you only need to participate as much as is comfortable.   The service is led from the front of the church, usually by the Ministerial Team   We welcome children and encourage their involvement.   

Do I need to dress up?

No, we are a casual church - while some folks come from a time or place where going to church meant wearing "dressy" clothes, most of our congregation dress casually.   In the summer months, many wear shorts and a cool shirt to church!   Some wear jeans.   

What if I don't know the prayers?

All of the prayers and hymns used in our service are posted on the PowerPoint locations at the front of the church, printed in the order of service or are in the hymnbooks in the pews - participate as much as you feel comfortable in doing.

I don't know much about Comox United's communion service.

The communion sacrament occurs on the first Sunday of every month and is open to all attending.   There are no rules about who can or can't participate - ALL ARE WELCOME to share in this time of communion.  

The method of serving communion differs from month to month, as we respond to the most recent Covid news and strive to keep everyone safe.  Usually, the bread and juice (in the United Church, by tradition, we do not use wine) are passed by servers to each pew in the congregation - you take a piece of bread and hold it until all are served and we then eat together - likewise the symbolic glasses of juice are passed and all drink together.    

For those with mobility issues, you can just raise your hand and a server will bring the bread and juice to you.   If you don't wish to participate, you don't have to.

Interested in joining Comox United's congregation?   Please call Lorna in the Church Office (hours Tuesday to Friday 9 am to noon) or speak to one of our Ministry Team.   

Questions about Comox United?  send us an e-mail at [email protected]