Worship Service:  Sundays at 10:00 a.m.

                                Livestreaming is available on the Home Page of this website

                                Previous services are posted on the Virtual Services page.

                                Communion is served on the first Sunday of every month


For more information: check our e-mail bulletin regularly.    If you aren't on our weekly e-mail bulletin list, you are welcome to contact the office ([email protected]) to request that you be added.

All ages are welcome in our worship services.


ONE WORLD CHANT AND MEDITATION:  This service continues via Zoom. If you would like to participate, please contact the church office so that you will be put on the list to receive an email to be able to access the Zoom meeting. 

This gathering consists of meditation periods, chants, and short readings from the various spiritual traditions. It is an opportunity to bring all the traditions together as a local expression of global unity. The intention is to provide space and time for the valley’s diverse voices to be united in the message of peace and healing. Whether one views the universal living energy as the Buddha nature, Allah, the Christos, the Great Spirit, Yahweh, Brahman, or by any other name – all are welcome.

For more information, call 250-339-3966.