At Comox United, we believe that we live in God's world - and that we are called to be good stewards of this wonderful planet - we therefore take issues of sustainability and the environment seriously and encourage you to join us in this work.

Our Sustainability Action Group for the Environment challenges us to find new ways to be good stewards and to learn more about what we can do to care for the earth.


The following workshop unfortunately had to be canceled due to Covid-19

DRAWDOWN WORKSHOP   Family planning? Eating a plant based diet? Educating girls? Reducing food waste? Refrigeration Management??? These are in the TOP TEN ways to impact climate change! With Climate Change more and more in the news and on peoples' minds, a workshop is coming to the Comox Valley to help shift the conversation from doom and gloom to empowerment and action.  “Reversing Global Warming: An Introduction to Drawdown” is a workshop being presented on Saturday March 28th, from 2 to 4pm at Comox United Church. This is being hosted by Comox United and the Comox Unitarian Fellowship Justice Team. Project Drawdown is a coalition of more than 200 researchers and other experts from 22 countries led by author, environmentalist and entrepreneur, Paul Hawken. Over the course of 5 years of rigorous scientific research, they identified and modeled the 100 most substantive, already existing solutions for addressing global warming and revealed that it is possible not just to slow global warming, but to actually reverse it by 2050. The workshop material is provided by the Pachamama Alliance and includes video clips, conversation, and a look at the solutions.  It will be followed in the fall by a 4 part series about getting further into action around the solutions.  This Introductory workshop will be facilitated by Sandi Goldie and Jim Bronson who are BC leaders in the Drawdown movement. Together they have taught hundreds of Drawdown students and are actively involved in training facilitators for this workshop. This workshop is intended for the Comox Valley Community! Please pass this onto anyone who might be interested. Register on Eventbrite (search Comox Valley Drawdown) or via email at [email protected]


We will regularly post links about environmental stewardship issues, new research, new ways that we can help, and other information.   Please read and become part of some or all of it.    You don't have to do everything, but every little bit that you can do helps!