Join us to launch Sacred People, Sacred Earth

At Faith & the Common Good (FGC), our Green Rule is “Do unto the Earth, as you would have it do unto you.” Across all religions and spiritual philosophies, the teachings are clear: we must take care of one another, and of Creation, because the Earth and all living beings and species are sacred. But all life on Earth is now at risk.

We are organizing grassroots people of diverse religions in support of the following demands, and we are leading by example. We call for:

1. 100% clean energy for all: Sustainable, affordable power for everyone - especially the 800 million people without access to electricity
2. Global finance aligned with compassionate values: Increased financing - in COVID recovery and beyond - for renewable energy and sustainable food systems
3. Jobs and healthcare for all: A just transition for workers, migrants, and communities impacted by climate change and the energy transition through healthcare, job training and placement, and other necessary support
4. Protect Indigenous rights: A strong defense for the legal rights of Indigenous communities and environmental protectors
5. Welcome for migrants: Generous hospitality and opportunities for climate and environmental refugees to migrate and establish new homes
6. No more climate pollution: Net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in wealthy countries by 2030; accelerated finance/technology transfers for global net zero before 2050
7. End the planet’s desecration: No new fossil fuel exploration or infrastructure, industrial agriculture, or deforestation; no more habitat or biodiversity loss
8. Eliminate immoral finance: No further financing or COVID bailouts for all fossil fuels, industrial agriculture, or deforestation
9. Climate reparations from wealthy countries: Leadership by wealthy countries in climate financing and technology transfer, in recognition of these countries’ colonialist and environmental debt
10. Bold faith community leadership: Sustained, united action guided by the teachings of our diverse religions, ushering in an equitable, peaceful life for all

Globally, human-made, climate-fueled disasters such as droughts, floods, fires, and hurricanes are displacing and impoverishing millions of people; climate breakdown is contributing to the sixth mass extinction of species. The pandemic is worsening these impacts on the most vulnerable communities.

Faith & the Common Good is proud to be among the founding grassroots partners in 14 countries coming together as the GreenFaith International Network to kick off this new era of global, multi-faith climate action.

On March 11: we ask that you get outside and make some loud noise between 10-11 am – and then tell people that you are doing this in support of our planet as we all need to sound the alarm for climate justice.
Together we can build an unstoppable, global, grassroots, multi-faith movement.

To support the demands above, please sign here: