At Comox United, we believe that we live in God's world - and that we are called to be good stewards of this wonderful planet - we therefore take issues of sustainability and the environment seriously and encourage you to join us in this work.

Our Sustainability Action Group for the Environment challenges us to find new ways to be good stewards and to learn more about what we can do to care for the earth.

We will regularly post links about environmental stewardship issues, new research, new ways that we can help, and other information.   Please read and become part of some or all of it.    You don't have to do everything, but every little bit that you can do helps!

For further information about SAGE, please contact Joan Gillies at [email protected]


To watch an inspiring reflection delivered by Jennifer Henry, Executive Director of KAIROS entitled “Wisdom of the Elders” delivered to Church of the Redeemer, Toronto in a focal worship service on the Season of Creation, click here   

To see the whole service, go to 


To watch a very informative video following a Vancouver couple as they decide to eat only rescued food for six months, click here: