SAGE (Sustainable Action Group for the Environment) was formed in 2018 and this group has been one of the most active groups in the church. 

It has initiated and hosted a number of environmental courses for the community on such themes as: Electric vehicles, Plastics in the ocean, Air quality/wood smoke, and Recycling. The group has also sponsored online Drawdown Solutions Action courses.

There is a commitment to buy Fair Trade tea and coffee for church events and to avoid using plastic cups for serving coffee and tea. 

The church recycles paper and other products and composts kitchen waste.

This group facilitated the installation of heat pumps for the building in 2022 and 2023, to replace the existing gas furnace. This project was assisted with a grant from the Faithful Footprints project of the United Church of Canada. 


Regenerative Agriculture Tour  -  Amara Farm  -  May 25, 2 pm

Unpredictable rainfall and temperatures are wreaking havoc for many farmers and gardeners in our region. Farmers are turning to regenerative and dry farming practices as an insurance policy for what’s to come with climate change. Practices such as no-till, cover cropping, using compost instead of chemical fertilizer, and intensive rotational grazing are all effective methods of increasing the amount of organic matter, helping to sequester carbon in the soil.

On Saturday May 25, join Arzeena Hamir at Amara Farm for a tour of her farm where she will outline the many changes they are implementing to turn their farm into a carbon sink. You’ll get to see the use of woody perennials and alley farming as well as seed saving as a way to continuously improve the genetic capability of plants to withstand 21st Century extremes.

Dress for the weather and come with many questions. Boots are recommended if there has been rain in the last few days. The tour starts at 2:00pm at 2641 Kirby Rd. Park anywhere on the grass, off of the driveway so that other vehicles can make their way in.

Presented by Comox United’s Sustainable Action Group for the Environment and the local Unitarian Justice Action Team. Contact for more information.