Seminar to explore action to reduce emissions from refrigerants.

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Exploring Action to Reduce Refrigeration Pollution

Join our free online seminar on July 26 to learn more about refrigerant pollution and solutions. We'll explore how we can each take further action to tackle this super pollutant, including gathering data about supermarket refrigerants. 

We'll be joined by experts from the Environmental Investigative Agency (EIA) who will talk about their work, their Climate Friendly Supermarket initiatives, and how we're bringing this to Canada!

Refrigerants and Global Warming Initiative

Drawdown Toronto and BC Drawdown are joining forces with EIA and their Climate Friendly Supermarkets initiative to investigate which refrigerants are in use across Canada. We're encouraging everyone to go out and find out which refrigerants their grocery store is using -- and put it on the map.

This is the beginning of a wider project to encourage action on this urgent issue . On July 26, we hope to gather anyone interested in climate action for a conversation about what we can do next.

Learn more about the Refrigerants and Global Warming initiative

What are refrigerants and why are they a problem?

Refrigerants are gases that are used everywhere: in every fridge, freezer, A/C unit and cooler; in homes, supermarkets, office buildings, warehouses, factories, cars and many other places. Cooling systems often leak. When refrigerants escape, they end up in the atmosphere as extremely potent greenhouse gases.

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