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Comox United Church – Visioning Process

Notes from Rev. Debra Bowman:

On Saturday, March 26th, we had a very special speaker for our Visioning workshop. Rev. Dr. John Pentland has led the congregation of Hillhurst United Church in Calgary through enormous growth, and I’m not just talking about numbers. The growth includes deepened faith and animated ways of living that faith in the world. John is the author of “Fishing Tips: How Curiosity Transformed a Community of Faith”. He is also a regular contributor to the Calgary Herald and the Globe and Mail, and a popular presenter on church renewal. John helped us continue to till the soil and together consider how we will love this world and live our faith at Comox United Church. John sees great potential for Comox United and is excited to be part of our conversations.

Introduction to the Visioning Process at Comox United Church

Come to the Table: Living Lives of Faith into the Future

“When it was time, he sat down, all the apostles with him, and said, “You’ve no idea how much I have looked forward to eating this Passover meal with you…”

(Luke 22:15a, The Message)

It’s time to breathe again, to be reminded of the purpose of Comox United Church, of how your congregation is called to participate in God’s dreams for creation. The Visioning Team and Comox United Council are inviting you to Come to the Table for conversations about where you go from here.

There are several ways to hear the invitation to Come to the Table. Jesus of course invited the disciples to the table for his last meal with them. He also sat at other people’s tables, learning about their lives, and speaking about living lives of faith. In the United Church it’s hard for us to gather without food on the table. Sometimes, in times of discernment and struggle, we call each other to the table, to speak our truth, face our differences, and come to agreement about the way forward. And, perhaps most importantly, the banquet table is a sign of the kingdom of God; a place where all are welcome and there is enough for everyone to be nurtured and sustained.

Debra Bowman will be leading us in these times together. Along with Phil Spencer, Wayne Hughes, and the Visioning Team of Comox United, she will help us focus on our future.

Debra will offer worship and interactive workshops with the aim of hearing from the congregation of Comox United Church about where and how God is calling the congregation to be active. Don’t worry, we don’t expect to hear the answer immediately, but through conversations together God’s way for your community of faith will become visible.

Debra has served in ordained ministry for over 25 years. She served several congregations, most recently Ryerson United Church (now Pacific Spirit United). Debra has also served as Executive Secretary of BC Conference, as President of BC Conference, and for several years on the General Council Executive. Debra leads workshops helping congregations that are wondering about their future, and regularly serves as a guest preacher.

Debra and her husband Bob live in Squamish where they are glad to be close to their two grandsons and all three of their adult sons and their partners.


Visioning Team members

Bev Agur, Alan Brown, Joan Gillies, Cathie Talbot, Joyce Wagland, Joanne Wiens, Wayne Hughes and Debra Bowman

Visioning Team email: [email protected]

Debra Bowman: [email protected]