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The United Church of Canada Statement on the Israeli Military Assault on Rafah

The United Church of Canada condemns the Israeli military assault on Rafah, which constitutes a grave breach of the Genocide Convention. Rafah has been considered one of the only “safe zones” in Gaza. The humanitarian situation there is dire: famine is a current reality, the death toll rises, people are unable to access basic necessities for life.

For months, humanitarian agencies have sounded the alarm against any military offensive in this extremely densely populated refugee camp, where thousands who have been displaced multiple times are forced to seek shelter.

“There is nowhere to go,” says the International Committee of the Red Cross. United Church partners also clearly state that people in Rafah cannot flee to safety from further hostilities.

This assault on Rafah causes irreparable harm to the right of an estimated 1.4 million Palestinians to be protected from acts of genocide under Articles II and III of the Genocide Convention.

As a party to the Genocide Convention, Canada must abide by its obligations and take every diplomatic, political, and economic step available to prevent the crime of genocide unfolding in Gaza. Canada must hold Israel and Hamas accountable for crimes against humanity.

Find out ways you can take action, pray, and advocate for lasting peace and justice in Palestine and Israel.

[Photo credit: Joshua Sukoff on Unsplash]