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Climate Education Reform BC

Climate Education Reform BC (CERBC) is a team of 20+ secondary students throughout so called "British Columbia" who are leading the Reform to Transform campaign which is advocating for climate change education in British Columbia’s K-12 educational system.

The 6 needs CERBC is presenting the BC Ministry of Education:
1. A public declaration of a Climate Emergency from the BC Ministry of Education
2. The creation of diverse committees to guide the education reform process.
3. The creation of a youth advisory committee to work alongside the BC Ministry of Education and to ensure that students are receiving proper climate education.
4. A revision of the K-12 curriculum to implement education on climate justice.
5. The provision of professional learning and support for preparing students for the climate crisis.
6. The implementation of school infrastructure in alignment with transitioning towards a 95% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

To support them in this endeavor, please sign the open letter at: