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Cancer Care Clinic at Comox United Church

Did you know that we have a cancer care clinic in Comox United?

We have a mixture of practitioners who do Healing Touch or Reiki.  This energy work has proven to be very helpful in giving support to individuals who are in pain and discomfort. It has also been shown to reduce side effects from medications, including chemo. It provides a sense of overall wellbeing and calmness, s well as promoting a healthy immune system.

The Comox Valley Hospice Society continues to support the clinic and the reception at Hospice receives calls for appointments

If you would like an appointment, call the Hospice reception at 250 871 5063 or email

Here's the history of this clinic:

In 2008 a retired nurse who was a Healing Touch Practitioner got permission from the doctors of St Joseph’s hospital to set up a clinic for cancer patients who were receiving Chemo or radiation. This took place one afternoon per week at St. Joe’s.  She set up a roster of healing practitioners to help.

One of the practitioners who joined worked part-time for Hospice which was on the same floor where the massage tables were kept.   The new practitioner decided to offer healing touch to those who were caring for family taking cancer treatments and for volunteers working in Hospice. This was called the Self-care clinic.

 So that new clients could sign up for treatments, the Hospice office became the number to call for appointments for either clinic.

St. Joe’s started to do renovations and the room which was being used became unavailable. At this time Pastoral Care of Comox United went to council and requested space for the two clinics. 

Since Hospice moved to the Ocean Front Village on Cliffe Avenue, the self-care clinic has moved there.  Parking is difficult at this new site, so the Cancer Care Clinic decided to remain in Comox United.  

If you would like an appointment call the Hospice reception at 250 871 5063 or email