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Called to Be the Church

at Comox United

Issue #1: October 22, 2023

At Comox United, we are Called to Be the Church not just for an hour each Sunday morning, but every hour of every day of the week. We are called, as part of Comox United, to demonstrate in our lives our shared values and to participate in our mission.

This Week: Sharing our Talents

We are a talented congregation! All of us have things that we do that were developed through a lifetime of practice. They could be talents that we came to learn through our occupation — for example, teaching, driving a forklift, designing a mall, installing air conditioning systems, or developing a spreadsheet.

There are also talents we developed as an interest or perhaps as a hobby: sewing, fishing, cooking, repairing watches and clocks, photography, or writing. Perhaps we have learned a second (or third) language, practice tai-chi, play a musical instrument, or love to cycle or hike.

There are times when Comox United might have need a specific talent. But how do we know who has the talent that we need? Maybe you have that talent!

On the page below, share all those talents you have, from backhoe operator to portrait artist! Then place it in the offering plate, hand it into the church office or give it to any member of the Stewardship Team!

What is the difference between Stewardship and Fundraising? 

Fundraising is a single time-limited event that is designed to bring money to the church, possibly from members of the
congregation but also from the outside community.

Stewardship is the ongoing support of our church mission through our participation, as we share with one another
our time, our talents and our treasure. 


Your Stewardship Team:

Joanne Wiens, Bev Sparks, and Alan Brown. Rev Karen provides us with support and great ideas!


Name: __________________

I thank God that I have the following talents:
__________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________

Place this in the offering plate, hand it into the church office, or give it to any
member of the Stewardship Team!