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Helping transform lives. Inspiring meaning and purpose. Building a better world. Together.

Head shot of Sarah Charters wearing a black turtleneck and royal blue jacket, against a grey backdrop
Sarah Charters, Executive Officer of Philanthropy

As I look back on 2022, I am struck by how it was a year of upheaval. The COVID-19 pandemic

continued, although vaccinations allowed us to look forward to some return to normalcy.

The war in Ukraine, which shocked us all, lasted through much of the year and continues to cost

thousands of lives. Economically, inflation has affected us all, and the list goes on.

This list of worldwide and local problems can seem overwhelming to us as individuals and make

us wonder if we can make a difference. Thankfully, we know that as people of God, we can work

together and take action. This is what we are called to do, and this is what we did together

throughout 2022, even in the toughest of times.

You came together, and through your Mission & Service givings, responses to emergency

appeals, and other gifts, you provided close to $25 million to support those in need. Where

people were struggling with disease, war, and the impacts of climate change that cause hunger

and poverty, your response brought help and comfort. You brought both aid and hope.

Even in the toughest times, there are many stories of hope and renewal. We seek to share

these with you throughout the year and can highlight only a few in this report. You have our 

deepest thanks for your decision to transform and save lives through your gifts. We are called

as followers of Christ to build a better world, and I feel privileged to work alongside you

as we do it together. —Sarah

To read the Accountability Report for 2022, clink this link: