Keltie Van Binsbergen
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Have you been challenged by the sermons during Lent?    Do you want to know more?   Do you want to read some of the references that were used in the sermons?    Rev. Keltie has made her Bibliography available to us 

Jesus: A New Vision - Marcus Borg

Jesus:  A Revolutionary Biography - John Dominic Crossan

Professing the Faith - Doug Hall

The Pagan Christ - Tom Harpur

Jesus Christ for Today's World - Jurgen Moltmann

Jesus Christ and the Quest for wholeness:  Articulating an Authentic Christology - Don Schweitzer

Christ in a Post-Christian World - Pamela Dickey Young

You may contact Rev. Keltie if you wish to borrow any of these books, if you can't find them.  Click Here to email Rev. Keltie