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Dear people of Comox United,
As restrictions have been loosening in BC around gatherings and public places, some people have been asking about what this means for our church. Will we have in person worship soon? Will we be hosting
small groups at the church?

Your Council has been working hard to answer these questions. Fortunately the Pacific Mountain Region of our church is providing clear and helpful guidance in this area. Here is a quote from their document on reopening churches:

Given the inherently social nature of Community of Faith events, the prolonged exposure to participants attending events, the demographics of our communities of faith as higher risk, and the safety protocols
required to ensure reduced risk, the Pacific Mountain Regional Council is not recommending expansion to Stage 2 (in person worship) at this time. We do this even though Dr. Bonnie Henry, Provincial Health Officer, has indicated that religious gatherings of up to 50 people are allowed. It is our assessment that the risk does
not outweigh the benefit of in-person gatherings at this time. The Region will continue to be in consultation with public health officials and the National Church. A move to stage 2 (in person worship) will be considered in keeping with Public Health and Safety Guidelines. While a more aggressive return may be legally possible,
we believe it is not a faithful response.

Regional leaders have suggested that we as a region will revisit the question of opening churches for worship in the fall. Regarding other church use, they have mandated that churches put together a safety plan outlining steps that will be followed to ensure the safety of all people using the building. Their reopening
document includes a very good list of the various aspects of safety to be kept in mind.

Our Church Council has created a small group to put together a safety plan for our church. Once this plan has been approved by the Region we will be able to allow small groups, both from the church and rental groups, to use the church on the condition that they agree to follow our plan and can also provide a plan with details on how their particular group plans to meet safely. They will be meeting regularly in the coming weeks.

Thank you all for your faithful support of our church through these challenging times.

Rev, Keltie (Minister)
Joanne Rose (Council Chair)