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The Matthew Mystery Project

Inspired in faith by Matthew 25: 14-30

Members of Comox United Church are invited to participate in the Matthew Mystery Project which will benefit our congregation in numerous ways.

How does this project work?

You are being given $20 to invest in any way you want to try to multiply God’s investment in a fun and creative way. Over the six months there will be enjoyable activities and regular communication about the interesting ideas people have come up with to grow their $20 seed money. On Sunday April 28th you will return the seed money, plus any profits you have earned, to the church and we will celebrate!

Why are we so excited about the potential of this project?

· It is a faith development opportunity. We will be using and talking about our faith in very tangible ways to make this project a success.

· It will create many special opportunities in the months to come for our congregation to be involved together in fun ways; through supporting each other’s ideas, shopping at our two Mystery Project Market Days, group activities and celebrating successes.

· It is a way of fundraising for the church (based on scripture) using the church’s money not your own!!

· We are raising money but also raising understanding. The Matthew Mystery Project gives us the opportunity to explain to people what we’re doing, who our church is and why we attend.

· Much of the money raised may come from outside of our church. You can involve friends and family members in the initiative – working together for a common goal.

· Through word-of-mouth and publicity, the uniqueness of the Matthew Mystery Project will raise the profile of Comox United in the wider community.

What if I can’t think of any ideas for multiplying my $20?

· We have lots of ideas to share. We’re including some in this package, but you can also contact Elaine Brown at [email protected] or 250-650-9925 for more inspiration.

· Talk to your friends. Perhaps you want to work with others and pool your money to invest. What may seem like a big task when done on your own becomes a fun activity when done as a group!

· Think about things you enjoy doing (hobbies) or are good at (preserves, art, baking) and figure out a way to share your God given talents.

I’d love to participate but due to a personal situation I don’t feel I can right now.

We understand. Consider whether you wish to return the $20 right away or whether you want to offer your $20 to someone else who may feel they can multiply it for you. If at any time during the project, you want to turn the money back in to the church please remember to put it into an envelope and label it “Matthew Mystery Project”. If your circumstances change you can ask to receive $20 to start the project.

Will the money I raise be counted as a charitable donation?

Any money you raise over and above the $20 seed money will be counted as a charitable donation. When handing your money in, just make sure that your name and address are on the envelope with the amounts clearly identified i.e.:

Matthew L. Mystery

25 Project Street.

$20 seed money plus $105 donation raised = $125


Is it possible that the church will lose money through this project?

Losing money is highly unlikely. The Matthew Mystery Project required a leap of faith for our church council to approve handing out the seed money, but Jesus was a risk taker, and we have faith that our congregation will rise to the challenge and have fun doing it. The Matthew Mystery Project has been very successful in the past.

What is a Matthew Mystery Market Day?

We have two special Sundays where we will set up tables so participants can advertise, demonstrate, and sell their items here at the church after service. You will be amazed at the delicious and crafty things our talented congregation will bring to the marketplace.

· Christmas/Winter Holiday Market Day Sunday November 19th

· Spring/Easter Market Day Sunday March 17th

Can you give some examples of the kinds of things we can do?

· Matthew Munchies

Use the $20 to buy the ingredients to make cookies, squares, pies, tarts, jars of soup, appetizers, etc., to sell at our Market Days, to friends or at work.

· Tea for ?

Invest the money in food for an afternoon tea. Invite your friends and on the invitation explain what the Mystery Project is. If you spend $20 on food and invite 15 people at $5 each, you will make $75 (meaning a $55 profit for the church). You can stop there but why not reinvest the money in another tea for a different group of people or try your hand at a new Mystery Project. This idea can be used for dinners, brunches, Christmas Parties, Valentine’s lunches, movie nights or any social gathering.

· Creative & Crafty

Buy $20 in craft supplies and make items to sell. Jewelry, painted glass, candles, notecards, Christmas ornaments, etc. Keep reinvesting your profit while indulging your artistic talents!

· Squeaky Clean

Purchase $20 worth of cleaning supplies. Send a notice to your friends explaining about the Mystery Project and invite them to purchase 2 hours of house cleaning for $50. If you did this 4 times in the next 6 months, you would make $200 - $20 = $180 profit. This also works for car washing!

· Wonderful for Woofy & Winnie

Our congregation has a lot of four-legged family members. Can you use the seed money to make dog biscuits, doggie bandanas, catnip stuffed toys, pet pillows or other pet accessories?

· Share a Special Place

Use your $20 and bake up some treats. Advertise a special afternoon walk and picnic to your friends for $10 ea. Package the goodies into a backpack along with some thermoses filled with a hot beverage and escort your group to a special picnic place. Who knew making money for the church could be so scenic, social & delicious!

· Bath time

Bath bombs made from baking soda and a few other simple ingredients are easy and inexpensive to make and popular among those who like to soak their stresses away. Stores usually charge between $4-$6 each but they cost a fraction of that to make.

· Healthy Toppers

Homemade flavoured vinegars and oils are inexpensive to make. Save small bottles and with your $20 seed money make a variety of specialty vinegars and salad toppers to sell.

· Music to My Ears

If one of your talents is making music, why not ‘sell’ tickets and invite friends over for an intimate concert.

Whatever ideas you come up with we appreciate your efforts. Whether you return an extra $20 or $500, you are helping Comox United grow financially and in richness of talent and friendships!

Can I hand in money earned throughout the six-month project window?

Yes, you can put an envelope with your earnings into the offering plate at any time but please include the following information.

o Clearly indicate that the money is for the Matthew Mystery Project

o If you made a profit (above the $20 seed money) for the church, please provide your name and address or envelope number so that your donation can be credited to you.

Do I need to tell you what I am doing?

Ideally yes. We’d love to hear what ideas that you have come up with. We will be publicizing some of the activities as we go along. People enjoy hearing the stories and you can also ask for assistance if needed.

Thank you for participating in the Matthew Mystery Project!