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K'omoks First Nation

Revitalizing Stewardship with the K’ómoks Guardian Watchmen Department

Today the Land of Plenty is also a land of development, resource extraction, recreation, and urban growth. Within K’ómoks territory lies the Cities of Campbell River and Courtenay, the Town of Comox, the Villages of Cumberland and Sayward, and communities on Denman and Hornby Islands.

K’ómoks territory is home to significant development including aquaculture, tourism, recreation, and forestry infrastructure. Photo courtesy K’ómoks First Nation.

Immense aquaculture, tourism, recreation, and forestry infrastructure has been developed throughout K’ómoks territory, including 51 shellfish and aquaculture sites, 48 marinas, 11 lodges, 120 marine industrial sites, 68 log handling tenures, 129 recreation sites, and 12 concrete or steel dams.

In 2014, K’ómoks leadership determined to develop a Guardian Watchmen Department to sustainably manage the lands, waters, and wildlife within their territory; support their ongoing treaty process; centralize naturalize resource management under one department; and provide employment opportunities to K’ómoks members.

“Our Guardians are our eyes and ears on the lands, waters, and resources,” says Councillor Hardy. “They’re monitoring activities, they’re creating co-management between K’ómoks and local, provincial and federal governments.”