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This month marks a year since, in the midst of Lent, our world turned upside down because of COVID-19. For the second year, most of us are planning for an Easter that won’t be celebrated in person, but this year we have reason to be hopeful if we can just hold on a little longer. 

Our partners didn’t expect this either—but they are holding on too, continuing to do the work that saves and transforms lives. And in our second Lent of lockdown, giving generously through Gifts with Vision is more important than ever, here in Canada and across the world. 
  • A gift from you can provide school tuition for Lebanese and Syrian refugee students so they can continue their education safely, both in school and remotely. 
  • Star teaching and storytelling outdoors by the fire are traditional winter practices by Indigenous peoples in prairie regions. Your gift will keep these programs for low-income Indigenous urban residents going even when indoor programming is cancelled.
  • Your gift will help isolated seniors receive contact by phone and in person and can gather with others safely so that they can continue to be part of their community.

Give a Gift with Vision for any occasion, or just to brighten someone’s day. You’ll be making a difference in the world without even leaving home. 


Sarah Charters
Acting Director of Philanthropy
The United Church of Canada

P.S. Giving a Gift with Vision shows that you care—not only for the person who receives your gift, but for the people who benefit from the life-saving work of our partners. To make a gift by phone, call us at 1-844-715-7969.