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[We find] ourselves in a world of beauty and mystery, of living things, diverse and interdependent, of complex patterns of growth and evolution, of subatomic particles and cosmic swirls. (From A Song of Faith)

April 22 is Earth Day, a day that marks the birth of the environmental movement in 1970. It’s a day to remember and care for the earth. It’s also a day for action and justice.

A New Creed calls us “to live with respect in Creation” and as people of faith we are called to protect and care for Creation. Indigenous voices in the church remind us that we are called upon to look after Creator’s gifts and to pass along these gifts to our children.

Climate change impacts us, the local eco-systems of which we are part, and the partners that the United Church of Canada is connected with around the globe. The greatest burden of climate change is falling on people in the Far North and global South—those who have contributed least to the problem. 

For the sake of these people, and for our planet, let us commit ourselves on this Earth Day 2022 to be part of a just transition to a renewable energy economy by pressuring governments and industries and by ending unsustainable overconsumption through lifestyle choices. 

Let’s make every Sunday an Earth Day so we never forget our sacred call to care for the natural world and all its wonders.

In our congregation part of our weekly offerings goes to support United Church ministries and global partners who are engaged in climate justice. As well, led by our SAGE (Sustainability Action Group for the Environment) team we are currently exploring ways in which we can make our building more environmentally sustainable.

Visit the SAGE photo gallery for inspiring images of creation: Photo Gallery | Sustainability Action Group for the Environment | Comox United Church