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A Better World: One Water Project at a Time

Photo Credit: CLWR/E. Paulley

In the church calendar this Sunday is the beginning of the “Season after the Epiphany” and is often called “Baptism of Jesus Sunday.” It is a good day to consider our relationship with water. According to UNICEF, 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water, and more than half of the global population also does not have access to safe sanitation.

There are so many Bible stories that have to do with water: the beginnings of the word; a big flood; a parting of the Red Sea to create a path of liberation. In the New Testament water continues to be a focal point in stories of God’s miracles and grace.

Clean water is essential to life, and yet around the world people continue to suffer for lack of it. Climate change is altering weather and water patterns, causing shortages and droughts in some areas and floods in others. A growing population and water infrastructure problems sometimes mean people can’t access water even when it is available. There are also racial and gender implications to accessing water: women and children in the Global South walk nearly 6 kilometres to access water and carry nearly 19 liters of water every day!

Gifts to the Mission and Service Fund help to support irrigation projects and the construction of bore holes, wells, and rain catchment tanks, which in turn address food security and sanitation issues. During the global pandemic, this Fund has also helped to construct sanitation stations and share life-saving hygiene communications through radio programs.

Our congregation gives a designated amount of our annual offerings to the Mission and Service Fund of the United Church. So part of your offering this week will help to create a better world, one water project at a time.