Info about microplastics in the ocean:  Click here for more information

How long does plastic last?  An important reference from the National Ocean And Atmospheric Administration (USA):   Click Here to View

How can you help as a parent?    Plastic Guide for Parents (Ucluelet Aquarium)

The Ucluelet Aquarium's Microplastics and Marine Debris Initiative - contains information about the types of plastics they are finding, and information about the microplastic debris they are finding in the sand and amongst marine animals on west coast beaches: Click Here for the Link

Artist Dianna Cohen's TED talk about ocean plastics:  Click for more information

Information for women about alternatives to the use of menstrual products containing plastics:  Click Here for Information

The National Geographic has an interesting article on plastic trash, and how much of it isn't being recycled!   Read the article by clicking here - the article will open in a new window


MP Gord Johns' position on plastics.  Click here for more information.

An interesting article from the BBC in December of 2017 on the issue of plastics and ocean plastics:  Click for BBC Article

The University of Victoria Environmental Law Clinic produced a report (August 2017) entitled:  Seven Reforms to Address Marine Plastic Pollution - Click to Read

 Surfrider Pacific Rim Information on Plastics:  Click for Surfrider Information

Vancouver Island Surfrider's Ban the Bag Information for Victoria:  Click Here for this information