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Here's an opportunity to challenge yourself to do something good for our environment!!!   The Drawdown event takes place from 03 April to 24 April and encourages you to challenge yourself to do something large or small to help our world.   

Comox United Church has joined with the Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship to take part in this fun, educational, and challenging event.   We have a combined team which you can join by using the link below which will take you to the Drawdown Team site and Team # 39 - the Comox Valley Unitarians, Comox United Church and Friends Team.   This link will open a new window on your browser and allow you to see what the team has done and is doing.    Click Here to join the team!!!

To get more information about Drawdown, visit their information page Click Here for Information about DRAWDOWN

The Comox Valley Unitarian Fellowship's Introduction to DRAWDOWN is Here!!! Click to go to the page

We hope you'll check this out and join the challenge!!!