Secret Pew

Secret Pew

Did you know there is a secret pew

That Property placed and no one knew

But now you'll have to go and find it, won't ya?

It's sitting on the left hand side

'Bout 3 rows back and its so fine

So try it out and tell them what ya think, yah!

Do you like it, should we buy it?

Is it nice, and - did ya try - i - i - i - it 

OK - there actually is a new pew (an old pew with new seating on it) for the congregation to try out.....  Sit on it for a Sunday, then please let some one else try it next Sunday - try it before church, after church, after coffee hour, during coffee hour, during office hours, you get the idea.....   Once you've tried it, talk to the property folks- you can leave a note for them in the office, or talk to Dale & Laurel Erhart or Margaret Griffith-Cochrane after church, or Send an e-mail to Property.    We are in the research stage of this project, so help us out - your input will affect your seating in Comox.